The museum

The Museo del Enclave de la Muralla (MUDEM) is a cultural museum space created with the aim of protecting and disseminating the remains of the Molina de Segura wall rescued in 2004, the Andalusi Ḥiṣn Mūlina. A fascinating tour through the history of this typical fortification of Andalusi origin between the 11th and 16th centuries.

A trip back in time to the old Kingdom in Murcia which stops at the most significant historical episodes of the Middle Ages in Molina: from the building and erection of the fortress to the granting of the domain of Molina to Alfonso Yáñez Fajardo in 1396, finishing with the falling into disuse of the wall.

An interactive space which runs through the wall skin, allowing us to see the reality and the life of a place, of a time, of an era. A museum based on a playful and interactive as well as didactic and reflexive approach which offers the possibility to acquire a better knowledge about the history of Molina de Segura since Andalusi times and until the constitution of the old Kingdom of Murcia.

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I Introductory room to the museum.

II History awakens: first stretch of the wall.

III Fortress X-ray: the construction of the wall.

IV Finding of the wall: the value of recovery and preservation.

V Main characters of history: a society at war.

VI Diary of a fortress.

VII Defence and attack of the wall.

VIII Poliorcetica: the art of attacking and defending a stronghold.

IX Entrance to the town: the north gate.

X Islamic universe.

XI Road to Molina Seca.

XII Molina and the Wise King.

XIII Lights and shadows.

XIV Molina de Segura.

Ayuntamiento de Molina de Segura
Concejalía de Cultura Ayuntamiento de Molina de Segura
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